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Economic Benefits

Concrete Parking... Requires no downtime for regular maintenance.


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The cost of regular maintenance, including sealing, re-striping and resurfacing, plus the expense of business lost due to downtime, significantly increase the life-cycle cost of asphalt. Providing the ability to maintain continuous business use during its long life, concrete pavement is the economical and dependable choice for businesses that depend on customer access.


These photos illustrate the impact of maintenance downtime. The two convenience store/gas stations are at either end of a strip mall located on Pennsylvania State Route 100. The pictures were taken within a few minutes of each other. The first station is filled to capacity with customers, while the second is completely empty, because the second store is closed due to maintenance of the asphalt parking lot.


An additional penalty beyond the asphalt maintenance expense and loss of business is the long-term loss associated with introducing your regular customers to the competition.


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